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All Directors and Officers are at risk, and UIC, Inc.'s proprietary review standards will ensure that the risk is transferred correctly. This is not an insurance brokerage review but a pure, independent one driven by the highest level of practical and professional intellectual capital accumulated from decades of experience. A Director's and Officer's Insurance policy is one of the most technical policies in the insurance industry. It is continuously evolving due to the shareholder litigation and rulings that occur every year. Therefore, UIC, Inc. offers this complimentary review so you can experience the value of our unique service at no cost.

Where others say you can't move your insurance because you have a claim or You are within three years of your IPO we can advise an alternate solution. UIC, Inc. is a world-class, pure, independent insurance consultant firm with over 40 years of working with public companies of all sizes in various industry sectors. We are one of the foremost directors' and officers' coverage consultant firms and have developed a proprietary D&O coverage analysis. Our professionals have extensive experience with these coverage features and real-life claims applications.

We are confident that we can add value in this highest-profile area of your risk management program, and we will not upset any existing broker or insurer relationships. Our comments will only be discussed directly with you.